Do more with your Instagram photos. Give your followers the ability to buy your products straight from your Instagram feed or send them the links to your latest content.
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Get started using GOtags for free and it's as simple as this....


Write your link as normal and tag @GOtags too


When someone likes your photo


We will send them that link!


You can also create campaigns, use multiple hashtags, create multiple actions and monitor your results

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Social commerce

"Instagram delivers 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter"

Deliver your content straight to yourcustomers email

This turns those thousands of Instagram followers of yours into an active email database.

You will never spam them because they are actively requesting your content.

Take customer engagement further than the feed

Email marketing is still one of the most effective forms of customer acquisition. Couple this with a social platform with the highest engagement rate and you are giving your brand the best advantage.

Increase conversion with actionable purchase intent

You are already creating a discussion around your brand on social media. Now turn that conversation into 'purchase intent' by giving your customers a clear route to your product or content.

Leverage social media as the point of conversion for your cross-channel campaigns.

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Who is GOtags for?

For anyone that uses Instagram to engage with their audience including...

Fashion brands

Send users links to your latest products with emails that look like your product page.

Allow your followers to add items straight to their basket from your Instagram feed

Fashion is trend lead, visual and creative; which makes Instagram the perfect platform for 20-somethings, a highly engaged demographic with disposable income, to share and discover new brands.

Not only can you raise awareness of your latest collections and inspire your followers but you can now give them the ability to purchase the items they love straight away.

Bands and Artists

Send users links to buy and listen to your tracks

Give your fans access to exclusive content in exchange for Likes and Comments

Instagram is perfect to show off your latest artwork, performance shots or photos from behind the scenes. You can even show of 14 second video clips. But you can’t play your fans your latest track or send them details of your upcoming show.

With GOtags you can! Encourage comments and Likes in exchange for access to exclusive content or send users links to buy tickets or new releases.


Use Instagram to promote your blog and send user links to your latest posts.

Deliver news, recipes, reviews or any other kind of content straight to your followers inbox.

Tap into the most engaged social platform and create a new destination for people to discover your content.

Link to your full articles from your instagram feed, delivering the content straight to your followers inbox.

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Use GOtags for Free Everyday user

Add links to your Instagram post by simply tagging @GOtags

Your own GOtags Connect page

Slower response time to actions

Post 4 times a month
(Earn more posts by sharing!)

Entrepreneur up to 150,000 followers

Medium Seller up to 150,000 followers

Big Brand 150,000+ followers

Add links to your Instagram post by simply tagging @GOtags
Email customisation
Add your own logo
Add your own logo and text
Bespoke emails
GOtags connect page
+ iFrame embed for your website
Unlimited + custom hashtags
Response time
Super fast
Post limit
4 per week
10 per week
Add to basket
Magento Etsy
Magento Etsy + Your shop API
Multiple accounts
Multi sign-on
API Access

Bespoke White label service

White labelled version of GOtags with all the "Big Brand" features but without any GOtags branding.

Create and send your own mails, or use the API to perform your own functionality.

Modify GOtags with custom features and get connected with a GOtags developer.

£8.00 a month


£75.00 a year

upgrade any time

Apply for beta

£15.00 a month


£150.00 a year

upgrade any time

Apply for beta

£75.00 a month


£750.00 a year

upgrade any time

Apply for beta

Contact us

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